VIENNA VLOG! Life Ball 2018 | Gigi

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She’s an author now! I put my heart and soul into He Said, She Said. I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s unabashedly me.


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So many of my friends have talked about how incredible of an event Life Ball is, so when I was invited this year to walk in the fashion show I was SO. EXCITED. Let me just say there is NOTHING LIKE IT IN THE WORLD. It’s seriously the ultimate Pride experience. People are completely accurate when they say that it is wild and you won’t be sleeping very much though hahahaha.

Life Ball has been helping and raising awareness for HIV & AIDS for over 25 years. I hope you guys enjoy coming along this trip with me (I know at least when I watch it, it looks exaaaaaactly how it felt!!!)

Love you,
Gigi XO


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Enjoying the view in winter wonderland

Christoph Oberschneider

HERO3000 Enjoying the view from above at winter wonderland in the Austrian Alps with my Karma =& Hero 6. I'm always shooting in RAW mode to have absolute control over the image parameters in post production.
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