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Address :
Sabir Omelette Center, Opp. Ward No.9, Beside Taj Complex, Ajwa Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Contact No : 09016547035

They serve following delicious egg dishes :
Cheese Boil Fry, tadka boil fry, French toast, cheese French toast, boil sandwich, cheese boil sandwich, omelette, cheese omelette, half fry, masala half fry, cheese Crush half fry, egg bhurji, boil Crush Bhurji, boil tukda Khima, Malai bhurji, Mayonnaise bhurji, Gravy Malai bhurji, cheese mini, boil Tikka, chilli Tikka, gurda Tikka, Malai Tikka, Sabir party special, cheese mountain, cheese egg Paplet, cheese egg sun flower, cheese egg multiply, cheese lachka square, cheese special Afghani, cheese mughlai, cheese Mava bhurji, cheese four flavor, cheese Shahi tukda, cheese rock n roll, cheese spring roll, cheese mughlai roll, cheese s square, special Anamika, cheese egg royal, cheese Chataka, cheese Italian, cheese egg roll, cheese ghotala, special egg dosa, cheese variety Half Fry, cheese egg pizza, special boil omelette, cheese Malai Roll

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