Best of Water City - Anopolis/Crete - Onrides - Hands-free! (GoPro HERO 3 - Black Edition)

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Hands-free Onrides from Water City Waterpark in Anopolis/Crete, recorded with GoPro HERO3 - Black Edition in Full HD. We already visit this park in 2011 and recorded all the slides and attractions. This is just an update with our new cam, so we're finally able to make a decent onride footage from the "Tarzan's Game".

Following attractions were re-recorded in this collection/compilation:

- Turbo Cyclone
- Sidewinder-Boomerango (didn't pass the hump this time) ;-)
- Turbo Guns
- Hyper Race
- Crazy River
- Red Tube
- Kamikaze
- Multi Race (without stucking on the slide this time) :D
- Hydro Tubes
- Free Fall
- Multi Slides
- Body Slide Cyclone
- Tarzan's Game (Forward & Reverse)

Enjoy watching! :-)


Onrides Ελεύθερο από Waterpark Πόλη Νερό στην Ανώπολη / Κρήτη, καταγράφονται με GoPro HERO3 - Black Edition σε Full HD. Έχουμε ήδη επισκεφθεί αυτό το πάρκο το 2011 και κατέγραψε όλες τις διαφάνειες και τα αξιοθέατα. Αυτό είναι απλά μια ενημέρωση με το νέο cam μας, έτσι είμαστε τελικά σε θέση να κάνει μια αξιοπρεπή πλάνα onride από το "παιχνίδι του Ταρζάν".

Enjoying the view in winter wonderland

Christoph Oberschneider

HERO3000 Enjoying the view from above at winter wonderland in the Austrian Alps with my Karma =& Hero 6. I'm always shooting in RAW mode to have absolute control over the image parameters in post production.
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