DOOM Eternal: The Story So Far

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The new story-driven trailer for DOOM Eternal made quite a splash when it dropped on Tuesday. And if you're anything like us, some of the finer points of the story might be lost amidst memories of ripping jetpacks off of Revenants and that crazy lady who turns into a spider at the end. So we thought it was about time to reawaken our knowledge of DOOM lore and dig into the details of the new footage.

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Enjoying the view in winter wonderland

Christoph Oberschneider

HERO3000 Enjoying the view from above at winter wonderland in the Austrian Alps with my Karma =& Hero 6. I'm always shooting in RAW mode to have absolute control over the image parameters in post production.
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HERO4 Black

light painting with my GoPro
The Door of Everything
Rest in the middle of the lake