10 Disney Princesses In Real Life - REAL MERIDA!!!

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Disney princesses in real life? Well, yes, even if you don't believe it, they really exist.

Frozen reached worldwide fame to the point of becoming the highest grossing film in Disney's history. And one of its more popular characters is the beautiful princess Elsa, who apparently crossed the screen and was incarnated in Anna Faith Carlson.

No matter how much time passes, all children love princess stories. One of the best-known princesses is Jasmine, the co-protagonist of Aladdin, who is characterized by her great willpower and intelligence. And apparently we found her version in the flesh: Olayinka Mia Noel.

There is no woman in the world who didn’t want to have Rapunzel's beautiful hair. And having that long and silky hair seems to be an almost impossible dream, except for Daria Gubanova, a Russian girl who 14 years ago decided not to cut her hair until it reached her feet, that is in 3 to 4 years.

Being a princess is the dream of many girls, but they know that in the end it is an illusion that no one can fulfill. But there are people like Sarah Ingle who did not skimp on expenses to have all the dresses of the Disney princesses, without exception. With more than $ 14,000 spent, she feels like a princess by putting on every tailor made dress, but the one that fascinates her the almost is Snow White.

This Filipino origin beautiful model undoubtedly has a lot in common with the exotic Pocahontas. Sherri Lansang, knows that he looks so much like this character that has even posed with the same outfit.

A natural princess is Arianna Quan, Miss Michigan 2016, who after winning the contest began to receive messages from several people who had noticed her striking resemblance to the legendary Princess Mulan.

Merida is a brave and courageous princess, who fights for her honor with bow and arrow in hand. So it would be almost impossible to find someone looks like her. That's why in Scotland, where redheads abound, they ran the "Sunday-Mail International" contest to find Princess Merida in the flesh.

Saraswati is a makeup artist from Malaysia who is able to transform into any fantasy character with the help of her skill and makeup. One of her most praised works was when she transformed into Ariel, the sweet little mermaid that made us sigh for his fervent love of Prince Eric. She is so meticulous with details, that she can reflect even the sweetness and beauty of the character on her face.

Belle is one of Disney's most feminine characters. But what would you think if we revealed to you that who characterizes the princess best is a boy? Richard Schaefer manages to transform into all Disney princesses by knowing how to properly use makeup, even better than any woman.

A princess who breaks all barriers is Tiana, becoming the first African-American princess of Disney in the children's film "The Princess and the Frog." And who better to be the incarnation of this special princess than the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson, who posed for the Disney Dream Portrait series, accompanied by her sweet son.

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