Details Only True Fans Noticed In Amazon's The Boys

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The Boys openly calls out superhero cliches and gets really meta about comic books. And we love it! From MCU potshots to Justice League shout-outs, here are small details that only true fans noticed about Amazon's The Boys.

It doesn't take long to get familiar with the superheroes or "supes" in the world of The Boys, because we already know them. The production is counting on the fact that its audience is already familiar with the slew of superheroes that have quickly become mainstream over the past few years. Thus, many of the supes need no introduction or explanation. We know that Homelander is a Superman clone, The Deep is this world's Aquaman, and Queen Maeve is Wonder Woman. Vought's"The Seven" are clearly DC's Justice League. So where are the Avengers?

They exist, we learn, through a quick quip from Starlight you may have overlooked. In episode one, Starlight worries that the "Crimson Countess" got the open position in the Seven rather than her.

The Crimson Countess is a member of the Avengers-esque superhero team called Payback, and she's an obvious riff on Scarlet Witch, the Vision-loving Avenger played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Producer Eric Kripke likes to marry comedy to horror, and slapstick to drama. This expert weaving of action with witty one liners can is clear from the shows he's produced, from Supernatural to The Boys. Both of these shows feature memorable tough guys taking on supernaturally-powered people. They also both feature a character named Robert Singer, played by Jim Beaver.


Crimson and Scarlet | 0:14
Leave it to Beaver | 1:04
Seth and Evan | 1:49
I am Tek-Knight | 2:35
Nod to Doogie | 3:34
Amazing race reference | 4:23
Going to Belize? | 5:13

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