Matchbox 1/72 RF-101b Voodoo- "Full Build + Final Reveal" Video (1.15.17)

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This is my "Full Build + Final Reveal" video for the Matchbox 1/72 RF-101b Voodoo. This kit was very basic with just two plain seats in a tub for the cockpit. I added 27 scratch-built parts and 15 pieces of decals cut from my spares to enhance the nondescript cockpit.

The engines were just two empty hollow tubes that needed some improvement, so, I scratch-built the inner after-burner chambers and thrust rings to help bring them alive a little.

The decals were missing from the kit, but Robert Arnehov of "Rob Basicmodelling" kindly supplied me with a set for modeling the RF-101b version of the 192nd Air National Guard based in Nevada, USA.

The port-side air-brake was also missing from the kit, therefore, I scratch-built one by using the starboard side one as a template and scribing around it onto a spare part that had similar surface curvature.

For an old basic kit, I had a lot of fun in my attempts to improve the way it looked with the scratch-building that I did and the addition of decals into the cockpit tub.

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