2019 Mercedes Actros ► Active Brake Assist

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New Active Brake Assist 5 with further improved pedestrian detection

New Active Brake Assist 5 is an enhancement of Active Brake Assist 4. This safety assistance system is unique in terms of its functionality and no other manufacturer provides a system alike. With the improved fifth generation of Active Brake Assist, Mercedes-Benz is also underlining its leading position when it comes to the safety of heavy-duty trucks – a role that is continually reaffirmed by market demand. Since Active Brake Assist 1 was introduced in 2006, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has sold nearly 230 000 trucks with the emergency braking system on-board.

New for Active Brake Assist 5 is its functionality based on the radar and camera system. Among other features, it is now able to respond to people at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Within system limits, Active Brake Assist 5 can respond to a person who is crossing in front of the vehicle, coming towards it or in the same lane by applying maximum braking power up to standstill. The same applies to pedestrians who unobservantly walk in front of the vehicle and who may become paralysed – a situation which is happening more and more often in this smartphone age.

If Active Brake Assist 5 detects the threat of a rear-end collision with a vehicle in front, with a stationary obstacle or a pedestrian who is crossing in front, coming towards the vehicle or in the same lane, a three-stage warning system makes the driver aware of the threat. If the driver does not take action independently, a visual and audible warning is given first. After this, brake application of approximately 3 m/s is initiated, corresponding to around 50 percent of the maximum braking power. If the driver still hasn't responded, the system initiates maximum braking power – if necessary to a standstill – and activates the hazard warning lights at speeds below 50 km/h to warn the traffic behind. When at a standstill, the new electronic parking brake is applied automatically.

Active Brake Assist 5 supports the driver in critical driving situations and, in optimal conditions, can help to mitigate the effects of accidents or even avoids them. The driver, however, as the person in control of the vehicle, is at all times responsible for the entire process of driving and cannot rely exclusively on the safety assistance systems.

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