Underwater Gopro Filmmaking Tips EVERYONE NEEDS!

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Here are a handful of tips that I give to new underwater filmmakers. While I don't work as a full time UW cameraman now, I did start as an underwater camera guru in 1997. Since then, I became a marine biologist and later went into UW filmmaking and even later terrestrial storytelling. This type of filmmaking isn't rocket science, and while things get more difficult with the more complicated rigs, there are some things that never change.

I really feel that these are basic techniques that everyone that shoots video underwater with even a GoPro or higher should be doing. In this case, I won't be getting into the technical aspects of lights, giant dome ports, etc. JUST basics. In fact, if everyone that shot with us could at least get these things down, we'd end up with great footage.

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Enjoying the view in winter wonderland

Christoph Oberschneider

HERO3000 Enjoying the view from above at winter wonderland in the Austrian Alps with my Karma =& Hero 6. I'm always shooting in RAW mode to have absolute control over the image parameters in post production.
Nuotrauka iš: gopro.com

HERO4 Black

light painting with my GoPro
The Door of Everything
Rest in the middle of the lake