In Depth Look at the DJI Phantom 3 Controller Modes

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If you're ever wondering what the heck the switches on your DJI Phantom 3 controller do then this video is definitely for you. Along with telling you what the switches mean and when they're used, I also show and test every mode. This includes Point of Interest mode (POI), Waypoints, Home Lock (HL), and much more.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard:

*FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)*

Q: What does the S2 switch do? You didn't talk about it much in this video?

Q: What app are you using? Is this the DJI Go app or Litchi App???
A: In this video I was using the standard DJI Go [Free] app from the iOS app store.

Q: What phone are you using?
A: I'm using an iPhone 6s.

Q: I've tried everything and the button is just not showing up on my screen. What should I do??
A: Are you using an android device? Sadly, a lot of Android users have commented saying that these features aren't available on the app from the Google Play Store:(. If you have an iOS device I would suggest giving that a spin as it would more than likely have all the features I showed in this video considering I used an iPhone 6s.

Q: Do all of these features work on the Android app? I'm having troubles getting it to work.
A: Currently according to some people, some of the features I showed in this video are only showing up in the iOS app but...I'm not so sure as I don't own a phone running Android so I couldn't say if they work fully or not. If you're reading this, and are able to do the things I showed in this video on the Android side, don't be afraid to leave a comment below letting me know if it works!

Q: How do I turn off beginner mode?
A: Launch camera view on the DJI app. Then, in the top right hand corner click on the 3 dots which is the settings. After that, click on the tab that is "General Settings" which is the tab that looks like a little drone. Finally, scroll down until you find the toggle "Beginner Mode"...make sure this is toggled to off.

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