DJI Phantom 3 Standard Complete Starters Tutorial

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This video is for new Phantom 3 Standard owners. It is for absolute beginners looking to fly as quickly as possible with a decently thorough tutorial. This video covers many resources. If you wish to jump to a particular section just click the time listed next to the topic you are interested in below.

0:54 - How to connect and charge, plus charging times and battery life for both the drone and controller
2:41 - Installing the DJI GO app
4:01 - DJI's recommended phone/tablet list -
4:25 - Firmware update (done with the DJI GO app with wifi)
4:48 - Phantom Assembly
10:12 - Explanation of parts on the drone and controller
15:20 - Introduction to the DJI GO app camera interface
19:10 - IMU Calibration
23:43 - Calibrating the Compass
25:42 - Takeoff, flight, recording with the DJI GO app and landing

I'm still only slightly above a beginner myself for my phantom 3 standard. So if you see something incorrect here or a better way to explain to a novice how to use their phantom or do a specific procedure here then please leave a comment! I'm always happy to improve a resource and want it to be as accurate as possible. This video isn't meant to be exhaustive, but instead a good starting point for getting your drone in the air, getting hooked with it and then learning all the extra features, upgrades possible, etc. Many thanks to DJI for such a great product and all the wonderful people online for providing some of the material I used to make this video.

Lastly, two quick questions I get asked a lot and their answers:

1) What are the S1 and S2 switches for that I mention in the video? I didn't discuss them in detail in the video but they can serve several functions for each of them. The user manual I link above gives full details in the remote control section starting on page 23, but here is a quick synopsis...

The S1 switch :
*Allows you to regain control of your drone during the failsafe return to home process. I consider this the most important function of the S1 switch.
*Can allow you to calibrate the aircraft's compass, but you can do this through the DJI app too.
*Changes your flight modes (P-Mode, A-Mode or F-Mode) but you can do that through the DJI app as well.

The S2 switch:
*Can initiate a smart return to home process. I consider this the most important function of the S2 switch.
*Can be used in conjunction with the Gimbal dial to link the remote with the aircraft.
*Can be used to reset the WiFi password.
*Can be used to Reset the WiFi Video Downlink.

2) What is the maximum distance for the DJI phantom 3 standard? This is also covered in the manual I linked above on page 21. It states the remote controller is capable of transmitting signals to the aircraft at up to 0.62 miles (1km). They say "up to" because your transmission range can be affected by various things like objects, power lines which cause interfering signals, etc. If you go out of signal range your drone should automatically sense this and initiate a return to home procedure. You should know how to activate it using the switches in case it doesn't work. In fact, you should read the whole user manual to know your drone thoroughly. For example, there are potential risks with an automatic return to home procedure that you should be aware of. This video is an overview that covers a lot about the P3S but is not completely comprehensive. It is an aid for initial flight, not an exhaustive resource for complete details.

Also, one more note: If you can't get anywhere close to the maximum range for your drone then you may have to re-link your controller with the drone, update your firmware, move to another location with less interference or there's always the possibility that your drone has a manufacturing issue. I cover the RC link procedure and how to do a manual firmware change in another video here -

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